9 Ways to Increase Sewing Operator Efficiency

Apparel manufacturing is a labour-intensive industry. Factories aim for reducing manufacturing cost through increasing sewing operator efficiency. The purpose of increasing operator efficiency is to reduce labour cost per unit.

How one can improve operator efficiency in a garment factory?
Increasing operator efficiency

In this post, I have shared 9 ways that can help you increasing operator efficiency.

Tips for increasing sewing operator efficiency

  1. Develop operator's sewing skills through training on the job. Train them on good movements, correct material handling and better method of performing a job.

  2. Motivate operators by providing incentive based on their performance (efficiency level).

  3. Assign operators to the tasks on what they are skilled. If they are given operations on which the operator is low skilled, they will work on less efficiency. If you don't have an alternative skilled operator for a job, train your existing operator first (point no. 1) to develop his/her skill level.

  4. Improve work methods where possible by motion study and motion analysis. Eliminate excess motion from the existing working method.

  5. Don't forget to design a good workstation layout based on operation requirement. Reduce excess reach. A good presentation of work is also important.

  6. Supply work continuously to operators. While an operator is assigned a work with less work content and he/she had idle time, give him/her one more job.

  7. Eliminate unnecessary of interruption by supervisors, quality checkers and other things like defective pieces is supplied to operators.

  8. Give operators achievable target. Record operator hourly production and chase operators if they produce less than their capacity or given target. 

  9. Don't do much overtime. And you must have one day weekly off.
By applying and adopting the above means you can improve your operator's stitching efficiency from the existing efficiency level on the specific jobs. But to see the improvement you have to measure the operator's existing efficiency and current efficiency (after implement of above mean/s).

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