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Apparel merchandising

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  1. Different Types of Fabrics Used in T-Shirts
  2. Answer Post: 50 Short Questions for Merchandisers
  3. Graduation Project Topics on Apparel Merchandising for 2014 (Discussion Post)
  4. Visual Merchandising in Fashion Retailing – an Introduction
  5. 50 Short Questions for Merchandisers: Test Yourself where do You Stand
  6. Apparel Merchandising and Challenges in Merchandising Job as a Career
  7. What is the Right Career Option: Merchandising or Production (Industrial Engineering)?
  8. How does sample approval delay affect shipments of export orders?
  9. How to Find Fabric EPI and PPI by Yourself?
  10. Difference between RFD and Greige Fabric
  11. Fabric Sourcing Procedure for Export Orders
  12. Importance of Garment Testing and Basic Testing Parameters for Domestic Apparel Brands
  13. What is Red Tag (Sealed) Sample?
  14. Product Innovation: An Important Parameter for Supplier Selection Method in Fashion Manufacturing
  15. What are the Merchandiser’s Roles in Product Development?
  16. How to Calculate Size Wise Cut Quantity from the Size Ratio in an Order
  17. Standard Measuring Positions for Apparel Products and Measurements Inspection Procedure
  18. What are the Differences Between Trims and Accessories?
  19. Different Types of Labels Used in Garments and Information Found on Those Labels
  20. How Factory Overhead is Calculated in Garment Export Business?
  21. Difference between Tex and Tkt. in Thread Numbering
  22. Purpose and Procedures of Style Discussion Meeting Prior to Start of Production
  23. How to Calculate Product CM Cost at the Time of Order Booking?
  24. Fabric Color Approval Procedure
  25. Bill of Material (BOM) Format
  26. What does ‘L’ Letter after Button Size Stands for?
  27. What Documents are Sent by Buyers First to Start Work with Garment Manufacturer?
  28. Skills Required to Become a Successful Merchandiser in Buying Role
  29. Day to day Job Responsibilities of a Merchandiser Working in a Buying Agency
  30. Time & Action Calender Format for Production Merchants
  31. How to calculate profit margin in apparel costing?
  32. Job Responsibilities of a Production Merchant in a Garment Export House
  33. Measurement Chart for Regular Fit T-Shirt
  34. What is fabric cost and consumption in garment making?
  35. How to Calculate Raw Material Cost for Garments?
  36. What is GPT and FPT in Textile Testing?
  37. Trims and Accessories Inspection Procedures
  38. Apparel Merchandising #2
  39. What is Bit Loom?
  40. Production Cost Mapping for a Few Apparel Items
  41. How to determine GSM of woven fabric from its construction?
  42. Top 10 Tips to Reduce Garment Sampling Time
  43. Garment Value Chain Analysis
  44. How to make a good and comprehensive production file?
  45. Pricing Terminologies used in Garment Export Business
  46. Garment Costing Sheet
  47. How to improve seam performance against slippage in garments?
  48. Costing and Negotiation Skills for Merchandisers
  49. Customer Focused Merchandising (CFM) – Top Ten Tips for being a CFM Merchandiser
  50. Why not to request your buyer, they may like your option?
  51. What are the main activities of an export house merchant?
  52. Cost Breakdown of a Men’s Woven Cotton Shirt sold in USA Market
  53. Pre-Production Processes in Garment Manufacturing
  54. Elements of Clothing Design
  55. How to Review or Study Reference Garment Sample?
  56. How to Measure Fabric Consumption of Garments?
  57. How to choose the right method for garment printing?
  58. Sampling Stages in Apparel Manufacturing
  59. Garment CM cost estimation using SAM or SMV
  60. Garment Wash Care Symbols
  61. How to Calculate Thread Consumption for Garments?
  62. How to calculate fabric utilization in the cutting room?

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