How to Determine GSM of Woven Fabric from its Construction?

To determine approximate GSM (grams per square meters) of a given fabric, you can use the following formula. One of my colleagues used to use this formula in the testing lab. In case different counts of warp thread or weft thread are used then this formula will not give you correct GSM. It is also known as conversion formula from fabric construction to fabric weight.

Fabric GSM = (EPI/warp count + PPI/Weft count) x (100+crimp %) X 0.2327

Woven Fabric

For example, construction of a fabric is 40 X40 /120 X 60 and warp and weft crimp is 6%. Then GSM of this fabric will be,

GSM = (120/40 + 60/40) X (100+6%) X 0.2327

GSM =104.77

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I found others to use this formula with different multiplying factors.
Fabric GSM= ((EPI/warp count X 1.1) + (PPI/weft count x 1.04)) x 23.5 By Dharmi

In the above formula, 1.1 and 1.04 are warp and weft crimp factors respectively.

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