Different Types of Fabrics Used in T-Shirts

When you are going to place an order for T-shirts or you are planning to start your own T-shirt brand or T-shirt manufacturing business, you try to find out what are the common fabrics used to make T-shirts.

You might be already knowing that T-shirt is majorly made of knitted fabrics. Within knitted fabrics, there are a variety of fabrics available in the market. So the most difficult thing is in knits fabrics what fabrics are for t-shirts.

Fabrics used in making t-shirt

Mostly, T-shirt fabrics are made of 100% cotton yarns. Though polyester fabrics and spandex blended fabrics used for T-shirts.

Fabric differentiation can be done in the following ways. Like based on knits fabric structures, Fabric Patterns etc. A couple of images are shown in each fabric categories.

Common T-Shirt fabrics used based on knitting structure  

  • Single Jersey
  • Double Jersey
  • 1X1 Ribs
  • 2X2 Ribs: Ribs can be also used in neck finishing in a single jersey T-Shirt. 
Fabric used for t-shirt
image courtesy: alibaba.com

Common fabrics categories based on fiber content

In cotton fabric are also categories based on fiber fineness. Whether the yarn are combed or simply carded.   
  • 100% cotton
  • Modal fabric
  • Cotton/Lycra
Fabric used for t-shirt
Modal Single Jersey image: made-in-china.com

Common fabrics based on fabric patterns

  • Plain and solid dyed fabric in all the above categories.
  • Yarn-dyed fabrics. You may be seen horizontal colored stripes in T-shirts. Those patterns are made of yarn-dyed fabrics. 
  • Printed fabric (allover and motifs) - One can use allover printed knits fabrics for Tees. Printing can be done in fabric stage or it can be done in garmenting process. Instead of allover design, for single design or logos on T-shirt, you can made t-shirt with solid color Single Jersey first and later print required design in cutting panels, after cutting fabric pattern and prior to sewing garment. 
Fabric used for t-shirt
Yarn-dyed single jersey. Image: made-in-china.com
Fabric used for t-shirt
Allover print patterns. Image: frenchconnection.com
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