Measurement Chart for Regular Fit T-Shirt

T-shirts are very common products in the huge apparel product varieties. Whatever product you make you need a specification sheet and measurement chart to get the desired fit of the stitched t-shirt.

For your reference a measurement chart of a T-shirt is shown in the following table. This measurement specification is taken from a Germany based clothing  brand P&C. All measurements are in centimeters.

Table-1: Measurement Chart for Regular fit T-shirt for round neck and V-neck.

Half Chest 485052545760
Total Length676870727476
Half Waist44.546.548.550.553.556.5
Half Bottom47.549.551.553.556.559.5
Shoulder Point4042.54547.550.535.5
Armhole Straight212223242526
Sleeve opening151616181920
Sleeve Length181919202121
Back Neck drop111111
Round neck width open15.51616.51717.517.5
Round neck depth open   6.577.57.588
V-Neck width open151515.515.51616
V-Neck depth open121212.5131414
Collar Height1.

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