What is Bit Loom?

Bit loom is a common term mostly used in garment supply chain (e.g. by apparel buyers, fabric manufacturers, merchandisers in woven garment manufacturing). It is one kind of fabric development sample. Normally yarn dyed fabric swatches (samples) are called as Bit loom. As solid colored or solid dyed fabric swatches (samples) are called as Lab dips. To develop fabric design that is made with dyed yarns (checks or stripes) or self colored yarn with different counts of yarn, a sample development loom is used (electronic or manual loom).

Swatch: Bit loom
Fabric is not made in full width (regular) in this loom. Only required width and sufficient length is made to represent fabric look. The purpose of using bit loom is to show the fabric design to the buyer for final look of the fabric without spending much time in fabric preparatory processes and with minimum cost for fabric development.

Bit loom is made only for fabric sample approval from buyers. Sometimes couple of samples (garments) are made with the development fabric.