What is Knit down?

Knit down is a sample of knit fabric pattern of dyed yarns (may be a check or stripe pattern) used for color approval as well as pattern approval. (e.g. Sweater or any other knitted fabric made of dyed yarns). Suppliers develop knit downs in knitting mills, and match the pattern prior to submitting the knit down to buyer. Colors of the dyed yarns may be approved prior to knitting (in yarn dyeing stage). Buyer request for knit down to their suppliers or mills to submit it and take approval before production run.

Image source: Aliexpress.com

Requirement of knit downs (For your reference)

  • Knit-downs may be required when ordering a new yarn for sampling.
  • Knit-downs are used by design to reference during initial design stages and for approval of selected knit-downs for proto sampling
  • Normally Knit-downs are required to be 12” x 12” in size
(Reference: Supplier procedure manual of a buyer)

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