Difference Between RFD and Greige Fabric

RFD stands for Ready for Dyeing where Greige fabric is referred to as the raw fabric.

RFD fabrics 

RFD fabrics are named those fabrics which are processed like scoured and bleached to remove wax, oils, darts and sizing material applied before weaving to make the fabric ready for dyeing. Scouring is done to improve dye uptake and absorption into the fabric and improve evenness in dyeing throughout the fabric length.

Ready for dyeing fabric
RFD fabric 

Greige fabrics

Fabrics that come out from a loom or knitting machine and no further processing is done yet are known as Greige fabric.

The colour of Greige fabric is grey or off-white where the color of RFD fabric is white.

Greige fabric
Greige fabric

Normally, garment manufacturing factories purchase RFD fabric or process the greige fabric to convert it into RFD when white-coloured garments are made and later garment dyeing or printing is done on the garments.

RFD fabrics are costlier compared to Greige fabrics.

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