Different Types of Labels Used in Garments and Information Found on Those Labels

Question: What types of information we get from different types of labels used in Garments? ... asked by Miteb Reza

Labels are not a functional component of a garment but essential for many reasons. 7 common labels those are found in garments are Brand label, Size label, Care label, Flag label, Manufacturer code, Line mark label and special label. Each label has a specific purpose and carries some kind of information.

1. Brand or Main Label: 

Main labels indicate a Brand name or Brand Logo of the company that sources and sells clothes. Brand labels play a big role to customers as because customers only know the brand and they buy the brand. A brand level is associated with the product quality, durability and feel good factor. Like, we go buy Levis jeans and Tommy Hilfiger for shirts and Polo shirts, Zara for dresses etc. 

2. Size Label: 

Size label defines a specific set of measurements of the human body. Sizes labels may be printed only a later to denote a specific size. Such as S for Small, M for Medium and L for Large size garments. The customer knows which size fits them well. When a customer goes for shopping, s/he picks garment according to his/her size that fit him/her well. 

3. Care Label: 

This label includes wash care and ironing instruction. For details of wash care instructions refer Garment wash care symbols. Care labels are attached at side seam. the purpose of care labels is to warn wearers what not to do to during washing, drying and ironing to maintain color, specifically printed designs, after wash shrinkage and color bleeding issues. A care label may include few other information such as 

  • Fiber contents are also included in care labels. i.e. 40% Poly and 60% Cotton 
  • Country of Origin: Name of the country that manufactured the particular product is also written on care label. Like, Made in India, Made in Italy. 

4. Flag Label: 

A small label attached at outside side seam. Flag labels are normally made of brand logos and it is primarily used as design features.

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5. Manufacturer Label: 

This label includes manufacturer’s code given by buyers. Most of the international buyers source garments from the different part of the world and distribute those garment across the world. In case buyer needs to track the manufacturer of a particular product, they use this code.

6. Batch Mark Label: 

A label that indicates which sewing line or batch had made the particular garment. This label normally is not asked by buyers or brands. Few garment manufacturers add this label to the internal quality inspection process and rectify which line had made the garment and which checker had checked the same. This label is normally attached at side seam under wash care label.

7. Special Label: 

100% Cotton, Organic Cotton is an example of such special labels. Special labels normally attached to draw customer attention at the time of purchasing.

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