Skills Required to Become a Successful Merchandiser in Buying Role

Question: What are the key areas to become the successful merchandiser in a buying role. ... asked by Rajat

OCS's Answer: 

Becoming a buyer is always a dream position to a buying house and manufacturing merchandiser. One needs to develop following skills to become a successful merchant in buying role. Most of the professional skills come through work experience. 

Product Specialization – When you are shifting or upgrading yourself into buying role you have to specialize in one type of merchandise. Merchandises are broadly categorised as men, women or Kids or categorization can be done woven or Knits. Specialization means understanding of whole processes, raw materials, supply chain, quality parameters, sourcing of material, product behavior, garment processing etc. 

Communication Skill – Fluent in spoken English as well as in local language, commands on English as you need to explain lot of things by written communication, fast in written communication. In the information edge you must be a computer savvy. 

Product Costing and Pricing – Thorough knowledge and experience in costing of product, material, development cost and other variable cost in business. 

Negotiation – Cost negotiation with retailers and price negotiation and negotiation details of delivery with the supplier. Negotiation and convincing power is always in first place when you choose buying role. 

Forecasting - Buyers predict months and in some cases years in advance what accessories and apparel will sell and at what prices the target market. 

Flexible to travel - Being on the buying role you may have to travel abroad in a short notice.

One must able to work under pressure as some time suddenly you will have work load.
Keeping up to date for past and present fashion trends and uses your imagination skill in forecasting 

Other  must have professional skills are Enthusiasm, Self-motivation, Creativity, Imagination, Decisiveness, Good judgment and Strong analyst.

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