Why not to request your buyer?, they may like your option.

I am sharing my first experience of handling a small domestic order. That time I just joined in a newly established export house. So, it was also the first order for the company. Still I can remember the name of my first customer. The order was from Molife. They ordered for pink colored Polo shirt for their brand promotion. Order was for only 50 pieces and pique fabric to be used with flat knitted collar.
As usual, my first task was to find a supplier for the knits fabric and requesting for lap dip. MD sir of our company gave me the contact details of a Ludhiana based supplier and instructed me that for this small quantity we could source fabric from that supplier. I started processing and got lap dip with three options of pink shades after three days. But no shades were matching with the sample given by the customer. I was thinking to call supplier and ask for more lap dips because I did not want to send wrong lap dips to the buyers.

I met MD sir to inform him that lap dips were not matching. So first thing, I am not sending to buyer for approval. Secondly, I am going ask fabric supplier why they did not match lap dips with sample. 

“Yes, you are right. But why are you not sending one of this (best one) lap dip to buyer and tell them that you have reordered for lap dips but if they like this shade (slightly varied from the sample) then you will go ahead with ordering the fabric”, MD sir told to me. The fact was that Polo shirts order was for their internal use and slight tone variation does not matter at all. 

I thought, let’s try. When our MD sir was giving me this suggestion to do it then why not to try? It worked. After a day I got approval of the lap dip. And go ahead with the bulk order. After a week, I shipped my first order. 

Learning: Why not to request buyer, they may like your option?

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