21 Common Activities of an Export House Merchant

Merchandising is a part of the garment manufacturing process. In an export house, apparel merchandisers not only do order follow up from the start of order processing to shipping the order. Yes, they do more activities even before an export house receives an order and after shipment.

Followings are the common activities performed by an export house merchant.
  1. Communication with buyers in terms of sample development, approvals, order confirmation 
  2. Communication with internal departments and forwarding required information to the respective departments 
  3. Procure order and order confirmation
  4. Product development, sample development and sample approval 
  5. Development of bit loom, knit down, print strike-off, embroidery strike off etc 
  6. Style costing and price negotiation with buyer 
  7. Calculating the consumption of raw materials (Bill of material
  8. Price quoting 
  9. Lab dip and approval of lab dip
  10. Sourcing and purchasing of raw materials, 
  11. Approval of fabric, Trims and Accessories 
  12. Fabric Testing and garment testing was done from testing labs 
  13. Factory Scheduling / Planning 
  14. Order follow up - follow up with all orders in garment production 
  15. Quality control - Ensure quality of samples and finished products.
  16. Follow up vendors for subcontracting jobs like printing, hand embroidery and washing 
  17. Ensure on-time delivery
  18. Liaison with the customer during design, sourcing, production and shipping 
  19. Conduct pre-production meeting (PP meeting) with other departments, handover production file and samples to the production team.
  20. Attend buyer’s meeting - to discuss new developments, correction and changes in ongoing sampling and price negotiation
  21. Ensure customer satisfaction by delivering quality goods on time, in full quantity.

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