List of Defects found in Garments (Trouser)

When a quality inspector checks a garment for conforming quality of the product, he looks into the garment thoroughly. Inspector tries to pull out all defective pieces from the garment lot. Presence of any major defect in shipment pieces may risky in terms of shipment failure. So checker must have the ability to segregate defective pieces from a whole lot of garment.

Thorough knowledge of various types of defects related to fabric, stitches, and accessories and after processes is must be needed. In the following table, an extensive list of defects found in trouser components has been given for quick reference. A checker may found more defects out of the list.

Component and materials
  Possible Defects
1.  Fabric holes
2.  Slubs
3. Shading variation
4. Misprints, out-of-register prints, undesired color spots
5. Cut, visible notch mark tears or visible surface repairs
6. Bow or skew exceeding 1.5 percent
7. Double picks
8. Pilling
1. Soil, Spots, stains or Dust
2. Attached thread clusters
1. Burn or scorch marks
2. Glaring shine marks
3. Press marks from camps
4. Absence of pressing when specified
5. Products packaged moist after steam pressing
6. Improper pressing
7. Seams not lined up when specified for center leg crease
8. Loops twisted after pressing
9. Uneven creases after press

Seams and Stitching
1. Twisted, roped, or puckered seams
2. Open or broken stitches
3. Raw edges where covered edges are specified
4. Seams not back stitched or bar tacked when specified
5. Irregular or uneven top stitching
6. Seam grin-through, seam slippage
7. Pinching or any part of product caught in seam or stitches
8. Any exposed drill holes
9. Length of legs off by more than 3/8 inch
10. Stitch count not conforming to specifications
11. Stitch or seam type not conforming to specifications
12. Label is not correctly attached, position and layout
13. Sewn on design attached at incorrect place and sewn not according to specs
14. Double needle stitch on crotch seam is missing
15. Use of monofilament thread, other seams than where specified
Button holes
1. Size is not within specs
2. Ragged edges
3. Uncut button hole
4. Out of alignment or improper button spacing
5. Stitch depth too narrow or wide
Button/Button Sewing
1. Button not securely attached
2. Butler-missing
3. Broken or damaged button
4. Out of alignment or improper spacing
5. Button not matches to specs
6. Lack of support materials on fragile fabric
7. Buttons that crack, chip, discolor, rust, bleed, melt or otherwise cause consumer dissatisfaction when care label is followed
1. Uneven in width
2. Excessive fullness, puckering or twisting
3. Closure misaligned
4. Belt loops are crooked
Belt Loops
1. Not fully secure
2. Extend above waistband
3. Missing tacks
4. Color shade not to specs
5. Thread shade not to specs
6. Raw edges showing
Front and back
1. Uneven at bottom hem
2. Under facing showing
3. Pockets conspicuously uneven
4. Darts uneven in length
5. Darts poorly shaped
6. Spot shirring not even right and left sides
1. Twisted, roped, puckered, pleated, or excessively visible from exterior
2. Uneven in width
3. Uneven length of product unless specified
1. Not uniform in size and shape
2. Misaligned horizontally or vertically
3. Crooked
4. Missing bar tack, back tack or rivet where specified
5. Bar tack or rivet not as specified
6. Sewn-in pleats or puckers  
1. Any malfunction in operation
2. Tape does not match color specs
3. Wavy zipper
4. Exposed zipper that distracts from product's appearance
5. Irregular or uneven stitching on zipper
6. Crooked or uneven zipper
7. Bar tack missing or incorrectly located at bottom or base of zipper
1. Misaligned
2. Missing or incorrect
3. Defective in operation
Fly area
1. Width is not uniform
2. Bottom stopper does not securely clinched
3. Top of zipper not caught in band
4. Either side of fly extends past other side by excessive amount.
1. Labels are not correct, text and/or layout
2. Located at an incorrect location
3. Insecurely attached to the garment

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