Various uses of wool

Wool is a natural fiber and widely used in making apparel items. Wool is obtained by shearing fleece (hair) from sheep and other animals. There are other animals from which wools are also collected - like cashmere goat, angora rabbit, yak, llama, and alpaca camel. Farming of animal is done for cultivating wool fibers.

In the environmental science (EVS) class, it a common subject students need to learn various application (end uses) of wool fiber. In this essay, you will know about the various use of wool and woolen yarns.
Source of Wool and its uses
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Uses of wool

Go through the following list to know various uses of wool.

1. To make woolen yarns - Woolen yarns are made of wool. This woolen yarns are used for making handmade sweaters, caps, and gloves. Wools are available in various colors and shades.

2. To make woolen clothes -Wool is used in making different clothes including high end suits (coats and trousers). The cardigan, sweaters, fleece items, underwear, socks are made of wool. Even t-shirts and shirts are made of wool (woolen fabric). Woolen clothes give better warmth compared to clothes made of other fibers like cotton, silk, and polyester. Due to its properties of absorbing moisture and insulating against heat and cold.

Woolen yarn and fabrics
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3. Accessories made of wool - Hats, scarf (maffler), gloves, other forms of cold-weather gear are made of wool.

4. To make Quilts and blankets - In winter, we love sleeping under the soft and warm quilts. Do you know what is used inside the quilts? Those are wool fibers. Wool is used in making blankets. In India, woolen blankets are commonly used to cover body from cold in the winter.

5. To make hard crafts items -Woolen yarns are used for hand embroidery work. For making floor mats, table cover mats, and mats for covering home items.

6. Used in making carpets - Wool is also used in making carpets.

7. Wool is used in making felt fabrics.

8. Wool can be used in soft furnishings and beddings.

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