Various Uses of Cotton Fibres

Cotton is a natural fibre. Cotton comes from cotton plants. Cotton plants are grown in many countries including India, America, Egypt. Cotton is seed fibre. Through various processes (spinning, weaving, dyeing, wet processing) cotton fibres are converted into yarns, colourful threads, colourful fabrics, and blended fabrics (with polyester, lycra and other textile fibre). All we know the benefits of cotton and its importance in human life. This post will show you a brief list of various use of cotton fibres.

Use of cotton

Use of Cotton:

When we talk about the use of cotton, it can be categorized in two ways –
  1. Use of cotton Fibres
  2. Use of cotton seeds
In this post, we will learn the use of cotton fibres.

Use of cotton fibres

Cotton fibre is widely used in clothing, home made-up, and in many other industries in various applications. The main use of cotton is in making woven and knitted fabrics. Cotton fabrics are later used in many ways based on the applications. To make it clear where the cotton fibre is used, read the following list.

A. Raw materials for making Clothes and Garments

  1. Used in making cotton yarns. Cotton yarns are then used in different clothing items and fabrics. Cotton threads are used in stitching apparel items. A wide range of fabrics are made of cotton fibres.
  2. Used in making all types of garments from jacket to t-shirt, sportswear, activewear, yoga wear. Cotton t-shirts are more in demand than it made of other fibres.
  3. Used in Making denim items
  4. Used in making cotton Saree. Cotton Sarees are made of cotton yarn. Khadi fabrics and khadi items primarily made of cotton.
  5. Used in making fine fabrics like Maslin
  6. Used in making ropes, thick yarns
  7. Used in making sewing thread
  8. Used in making face masks (inside layer – hot cotton).

B. Raw Material for Making Made ups and Home Furnishing

  1. Used in making bed sheets, curtains and other made ups.
  2. Due to the softness properties cotton is used in making bed linens, pillow covers, duvet covers. Cotton is used in making quilts.
  3. Making towels, bathroom rugs and bath robes
  4. Making cotton carpet
  5. Making foot mat, hall mat

C. Making Medical and Health care kit

  1. Cotton rolls are used in hospitals and medical services as absorbent. 
  2. Used in making bandage tape for medical use. 
  3. Used in making medical cotton pad 
  4. Used in making wipes for cleaning wounds  
  5. Used in making Ear buds 

D. Use in Miscellaneous Items

  1. Used in making cloth bags, seed bags, and used as packaging material
  2. Earlier cotton was used in making mosquito nets.
  3. Used in making high-quality diapers for babies and baby wipes.
  4. Cotton is used in making canvases which are later used for making arts (painting).
  5. Cotton made clothes is used in book binding
  6. Cotton slivers and cotton fibres is used in lighting Diya (for worshiping)
  7. Cotton is used in beauty and makeup parlors and saloons

There are many uses of cotton. The above list will give you an overall idea of use of cotton fibres.  

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