What is Lycra?

LYCRA® is the brand name and trademark of one of the elastane fibre. Lycra brand spandex fibre is produced by Invista (Koch Industries). Lycra fibre is lightweight, nearly invisible synthetic fibre. Lycra product is the best among elastane fibre quality to date. It can be stretched 5 times to its original length.

In the apparel industry, lycra is referred to the fiber that is inserted into fabric for improving fabric stretchability. Lycra is the high stretchable fiber that improves fabric and cloth's stretchability. Whenever, lycra is used in the fabric it improves the stretchability, moves, and shape of the clothes.

What is Lycra fabric?

The fabric that is made of any kind of fibers (cotton, polyester, or nylon), either knitted or woven, but contains Lycra content, is known as lycra fabric. Lycra fiber is inserted in the fabric is at the time of the weaving or knitting process. Lycra has gained so much popularity that the stretchable fabric is called as lycra fabric, whether the elastane is used from Lycra brand or from another elastane product.

A very less quantity of lycra is used in fabrics compared to other fiber content. Thus the look and feel remain the same as the main fiber quality.

Learn more about the Lycra by visiting the Lycra website.

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How the Lycra fiber is made?

Want to know how the Lycra fiber is made? Watch this video on youtube.

Where does Lycra is used?

Lycra fabric is used in apparel and clothing for increasing stretch in clothing. Major products in which lycra fibre is used include -
  • Activewear - Swimsuits, women's gym vest, jogging suit, exercise clothing
  • Sportswear - close-fitting sports clothing
  • Yogawear - Leggings, slacks, vest
  • Leggings
  • T-shirt
  • Skinny jeans
  • Slacks
  • Underwear - Bra straps
  • Shapewear like bra cups
Image source: Lycra via youtube

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