Use of Nylon Fiber

Nylon is a man-made filament fiber. Due to its certain properties, nylon is widely used in making different products. There are numerous uses of nylon fiber. In this article, you will learn a few applications of nylon for industrial uses and domestic uses.

Uses of Nylon Fiber

  1. Nylon is used for making machine parts like conveyor belts and seat belts,
  2. Nylon is used in technical textiles like flak jackets
  3. Nylon fabric is used in making parachutes and making airbags for cars
  4. Nylon yarns are used for making webbings that are used in bags and backpack manufacturing.
  5. Nylon yarn and filament are used for making fishing nets, mosquito nets, and ropes. The ropes are later used for many purposes.
  6. Tarpaulins sheets and tents are made of Nylon material,
  7. Another commonly used nylon fiber is sewing thread and ropes.
  8. Nylon fabrics are also preferred in women's intimate wear due to their fine denier, smooth feel, and durable texture.
  9. Nylon fabric is used in making activewear apparel – like sportswear t-shirts, shorts, jogging pants, shoes, etc. Another item in sports is the Nylon Speed Training Parachute.
  10. Nylon fabric is used in - making shopping bags (a very common bag found in rural areas), backpacks, umbrellas, camera cases, swimsuits, socks, gloves, hats, luggage, etc.

Application of Nylon fabric
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