What Things Are Made from Nylon?

Nylon is a synthetic fibre. The products made of nylon filament are used in clothing, industrial use as well as for domestic use. In this post, I have listed a few items made of Nylon filament and Nylon fabric to answer a common question - What things are made from Nylon? 
Example of a few products made of Nylon

Clothes made of Nylon fabric

Let’s us look at the clothing items those are made of Nylon. Swimwear, activewear, innerwear, hosiery products and stocking are made of nylon fabrics.

Net fabrics /Mess fabric - Mess fabric is a common product made of Nylon which is used in making high fashion dresses, shell fabric with embroidery and bid work. High-end dressing gowns are made of using nylon net.

Chiffon fabric - Nylon is used for making chiffon fabric. Chiffon is widely used making ladies dress and tops. Chiffon is light-weight synthetic fabric. Good dyeing and print quality can be achieved in Nylon made clothes.

Socks and stalking - Socks and stalking very staple products. For thin, smooth, and stretchable and fitted.

Why Nylon is preferred for certain clothing items?

Nylon fabric is durable, lightweight and smooth in hand feel. Nylon fabric is also water resistant - quickly to dry after wash. Nylon is wrinkle-resistant, so no need of ironing after washing nylon clothes.

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What things are made of Nylon?

Other than clothing item following everyday things are made of Nylon yarn and Nylon fabrics

Ropes – The synthetic ropes are normally made of nylon yarns, like climbing rope, parachute rope etc.

Fishing net – Nylon doesn’t absorb water. Various kinds of fishing nets are made of Nylon filaments.

Mosquito net – Mosquito nets, which are common items for households, are made of Nylon filament.

Umbrella - The fabrics used in the umbrella are made of Nylon

Sleeping bags - the Sleeping bag is made of Nylon

What is Nylon?

Nylon is a common term used for a family of synthetic fibers. Chemically, these are polymers from the semi-aromatic polyamide’s category. As one of the most versatile polymers with extensive industrial and home applications, Nylon has created a revolution in terms of usage.

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