What is meant by a solid round neck in T-shirts?

When I searched for a t-shirt on the online shopping site in the description box it is written as Solid Round Neck. Can you explain what is meant by a solid round neck in T-shirts?

Here solid means – solid colored t-shirt. It can be of any color and shade. But the whole t-shirt will come with a single color like solid red, solid blue, solid pink, etc. Most of the sellers mention the color name as well. (See below example taken from Amazon store). 

Solid men round neck t-shirts
Image source: Amazon online store

When the seller writes the t-shirt description as a solid color t-shirt, that means there will be no print designs (graphics) in the front and back panels of a t-shirt. Though a small logo (either printed or embroidered) on the chest may be there.

The fabrics used in making the solid-colored t-shirts are dyed in fabric form in a single shade.

A round neck t-shirt means the neckline of the t-shirt will is in a round shape. Most of the t-shirts are made in round shape necklines. Other shapes of t-shirt neckline include V-neck t-shirts, button front (Henley), Boat neck, etc. In the above image, you can see the t-shirts worn by the models are round in shape. 

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