How to grow your small business with content marketing?

Grow your business with content marketing

Imagine the situation where you have developed a product that, you know it for sure, will serve well to your community. What do you do next? Well, you throw it into the crowd and leave...Exactly, simply leave with no single word to say or a note to provide with. Some people, out of naturally inborn curiosity, will start learning through the thing. Others will for sure, bounce it back and look for a similar one but with more clarity attached.

This scene from a strange short film demonstrates the importance of the content accompanying the product, no matter how unique it might be. Great content is a powerful tool for any brand to be placed on the map and become coveted by the audience. Therefore, content marketing as a part of any marketing campaign should be always reasonably valued in terms of helping the small business to grow. Let's look at more tangible and comprehensive ways to utilize the content for business growth.

Define a goal

Anything that you start must be predefined with a goal it has to achieve. Thus, when developing a piece of content a marketer must have a clear vision of what message the post, or video, or newsletter have to send and what effect is expected to be generated. Knowledge base on this one will guide right through the set of tools needed to entice into action ( the right words, visuals, sentences lengths, emphasis to place). When there is a clear-cut goal to be attained, then it is easy to outline the guidelines for the content to sell the idea to the audience.

Think of a design

Just words will not help you achieve much of your goal. Plain text, be it in the article, or in the video will not ignite the proper interest and motivate the audience to commit to action (read: to buy, to order, to sign up, etc.). Meaning that any content not depending on the purpose must be adorned with appropriate visual elements. Particularly the ones that align with the identity you are thoroughly building around the brand.

No worries, if the resource allocation in your business budget doesn't really allow you to hire a design team. With all the graphic design software on the market, you may choose the one that fits your graphic needs the most. Be it print media features with its flyer maker options, business cards maker, invitation maker, poster maker, etc., or digital stuff like templates, social media posts, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook cover, and so on. There are a bunch of options to use and decorate the content the way it will be wanted for further processing.

Learn all the tiny bits of your audience

Creating the content you must know who you create it for. Getting a clear idea of who are the followers of what you do will provide you with an understanding of how to reach through your people better. Knowing their age, social, economical, geographical, and professional background equips you with making comprehensive choices of words to be processed better, humor to be understood and reacted properly, social and economical references to be clearly understood.

Analyzing how your people react to various pieces of content you share with them, lets you know what is engaged more highly, and what informative component must be modified if not deleted from the list at all.

Also, it is important to create segmented content. Digging through the buying journey of your customers, or customers-to-be, you must make sure to spread the right content to the right audience, meaning that those who are just getting acquainted with your brand should not read about the benefits of their tenth purchase. They are still processing whether they should commit to the first one.

Choose the right channels for content distribution

Knowing the purpose of your brand and having a clear picture of your audience might help you define the places where your content will mostly be appreciated and reacted to with a decent amount of action involved. Whether it is a social media space, or a blog, or YouTube you are using to distribute the content, be certain to align with requirements each of the channels has towards the content it accepts to post. Different hubs require various types of content, so be prepared to adjust and modify in the matter of creating a video, or writing an article, or providing an infographic.

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Do not forget about SEO

SEO principles are essential for the content to be recognized by both people and search engines. The higher recognition is the more traffic is generated. Eventually, even though not all, the traffic will turn into potential clients, who have consumed a piece of content, are now ready to get down to more business and demonstrate higher involvement with your brand. If you don't feel strong in the, you might want to pitch the knowledge base in this realm, or simply cooperate with specialists. 

You can learn SEO from websites like HubSpot and Search Engine Journal


High-quality content is a big big-time wing strategy to promote a brand and expand recognition. Being quite cost-effective, content marketing does not worsen a shaky budget position of a small business. On the contrary, it gets strengthened by the potential of effective content to bring up the revenues and increase conversions.

Image credit: Photo by Mikael Blomkvist from Pexels

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