Digital Marketing Tips for Clothing Business

No matter what business you’re running, in order to survive in today’s competitive era, you need to befriend digital marketing. However, ever business needs tailored digital marketing solutions based on their respective industries. 

This means that not every business will be benefitted from all kinds of digital marketing strategies. You need strategies that work the best as per your niche. And in this article, we’ll talk about the best digital marketing strategies or tips that work for clothing businesses. 

Digital marketing tips for fashion business

5 Digital Marketing Tips for Clothing Business

  1. Retarget Visitors With Facebook Ads 
  2. Run a giveaway
  3. Leverage influence marketing
  4. Make your customer do special
  5. Do email marketing 

1. Retarget Visitors With Facebook Ads

Here’s a fact: most of the visitors won’t buy immediately after visiting your website or checking your social media post. However, the chances of these people buying from you are obviously more than others who haven’t shown any interest in your brand. And with retargeting, you will be able to reach those people again and remind them of your brand.

For this, you need to create Custom Audiences with Facebook and target Lookalike Audiences for expanding your campaign’s reach.

Imagine this, someone visited your website but didn’t buy, now after a week maybe, you can retarget the same person and offer them some sort of discount or offer to woo them. That’s how retargeting works.

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2. Run a Giveaway 

The more you create awareness the more people get to know about your clothing brand and the more sales you make. One of the best ways to boost your brand awareness is by running a giveaway on Instagram.

If you’ve got a star product in your store, conduct a giveaway with that product. To do that, create a post about the giveaway and ask people to follow your page, comment on why they want to win the prize, and tag at least three people who they think might want to participate.

Conducting regular giveaways can help you boost brand awareness exponentially. However, it too needs a complete strategy. Here’s HubSpot’s guide on conducting an Instagram giveaway.

3. Leverage Influencer Marketing

Influencers are those people who have a significant number of legit followers on social media platforms and are able to affect the buying decisions of the followers.

They are basically the people who have earned the trust of a specific group of people. Now if you convince them that your product is worth trying, they might share about it with their followers so that they too can buy it.

According to a survey whopping 89% of marketers believe that ROI from influencer marketing is more than other marketing methods. However, just like any other marketing method, it too needs a strategic approach. Here’s a complete guide on how to do it.

4. Make Your Customers Feel Special

Do you ever try to tell your customers how special they are? If you don’t you should. Attracting a new customer is 5x more expensive than retaining an existing one and that’s why it’s crucial to focus on existing customers more than finding new ones. 

You might be providing great products and amazing customer service but in order to thrive, you need to go the extra mile. Make your customers feel how special they are by sending them cards on their special day or offering them a discount or anything alike.

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5. Do Email Marketing 

If done in the right way, email marketing can be a game-changer for a clothing business. This is similar to the first strategy that we discussed. With email marketing, you can connect with the people who are interested in buying from you and all they need is just a push. 

With email marketing retarget those people who abandoned their carts at the time of payment and offer them a discount. The discount will act as the push to buy the items in their carts. Just make sure you don’t annoy them.


So these were the best digital marketing tips for a clothing business. However, all these tips would only help you when you deliver quality products and focus on keeping your customers happy. And if you think you’re keeping them happy, use these tips to grow your brand and establish a trusted clothing business.

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