How to remove iron rust from sewing machine parts?

As a factory manager or a machine maintenance personnel, you might be taking care of your machine resources. Here is one guide for preventive maintenance of your valuable sewing machines and machine parts. In this post, our guest author, Babul Singh, has covered the following 3 points on iron rusting in sewing machines.
  • How do machines and machine parts get iron rust?
  • How to clean and remove the iron rust?
  • Why should one take care of preventive maintenance of sewing machines?

In industrial garment manufacturing, factories use a number of sewing machines. These machines come in various types and classes depending on the applications. Each sewing machine has various active parts that control overall sewing quality.

After using these machines a couple of years, normally rusts are formed in some parts of the sewing machines. These are majorly found where for maintaining that kind of sewing machines, we follow different maintenance activities like cleaning, oiling, tithing, threading, etc.

It has been observed that less importance is given to maintaining machine parts and as a result, rust attacks machine parts and it gets damaged. As you can’t run the machine efficiently with the damaged parts, maintenance people replace the part to fix the machine issue. This increases the repair part cost.
Iron run in sewing machine parts
Image: Some examples of iron rust ins sewing machines parts

How do machines and machine parts get iron rust?

When machines are not cleaned regularly, iron rusting may be formed in machine parts.

It happens when machines become old. Often it happens due to poor maintenance, poor machine maintenance knowledge, correct parts are not replaced on time.

When the machine is installed on a humid floor. In many factories, people use water coolers to keep the floor temperature low and make it good for workers. But as humidity increases due to air blow of water cooler, it causes the iron rusting.

When machines are not in used for time and stored in separate places without maintenance.

How to clean and remove iron rust from sewing machine parts?

Using spray paint: You can use spray paint to remove iron rusts. Iron rust removing spray is available for covering the rusted area and increasing the life of the machine parts. It is available in different colors. These spray paints are easily available at the Amazon store.

Image: spry paint used to coat rust area.  

This is one kind of preventive maintenance (advanced precautions). Take out the part and coat it using spray paint. Once it gets dried, you can fix it to the same sewing machine.

Regular cleaning of machine parts.

These steps can be included in your machine maintenance procedures (SOP).

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Why should one do preventive maintenance?

You may know that garment quality issues are often found related to iron rust in sewing machines and iron rust leave stains on the garments (when someone works with the machine having iron rust). Apparel buyers ask factories to prepare SOP for these old machines and keeping the machine clean and rust-free.

The other benefits of regular machine cleaning
(1) you can increase the life of the machine parts,
(2) reducing expenses of spare parts repair and replacement
(3) eliminate garment defects, stains due to the iron rust on the sewing floor.


By following these steps, you can avoid rusting and cover iron rust in your sewing machine parts. When first-time rust is found in a small area, it must be cleaned at that time to avoid spreading the rust and damaging the whole machine part.

About Babul Singh: Babul is an industrial engineer in garment manufacturing. He has working experience of more than 10 years in various positions. He has worked with BL International, Orient craft, Team Krian, and Radnik Exports.

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