Different Parts of a Sewing Machine (with Pictures)

Different parts of a sewing machine (single needle lock stitch machine) are shown in this post. The single needle lock stitch machine is the most used and basic sewing machine. When you first learn about tailoring, normally you are given a single needle lock stitch machine for learning machine handling and stitching a cloth piece. You are also taught about the basic parts of the sewing machine.

As a beginner, after reading this article you can identify different parts of the sewing machine and know the names of sewing machine parts.

Different parts of a sewing machine

Here is the list of different sewing machines parts. The sewing machine parts are also shown in the following images.
  1. Needle 
  2. Needle guard
  3. Needle bar
  4. Throat plate
  5. Slide plate
  6. Face plate
  7. Feed dog
  8. Thread take-up lever
  9. Presser foot 
  10. Presser foot lifter (by hand)
  11. Presser foot lifter by knee
  12. Tension spring
  13. Tension disc
  14. Stitch (SPI) regulator
  15. Back stitch lever
  16. Hand wheel 
  17. Bobbin thread winder
  18. Bobbin
  19. Bobbin case
  20. Thread spool tray
  21. Needle thread guide

Images showing different parts of a sewing machine

Different parts of a Sewing machine
Image#1: Sewing machine parts

Sewing machine parts
Image#2: Sewing machine parts

presser foot
Image#3: Sewing machine parts

machine parts
Image#4: Sewing machine parts

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