Industrial Sewing Machines and Their Model Numbers (JUKI)

Juki is one of the leading sewing machine manufacturers in the world. They have developed different types industrial sewing machines according to the production need for improved stitching quality and stitching speed. 

Sometimes we need to know the sewing machine model number in the specific machine types. Here we have shared a list of industrial sewing machine model numbers for different machine types for your reference. Read the list and share it.

Sewing machine
Chainstitch machine. Source: Juki manual

#1. 1-needle, lockstitch machine
DDL-9000B-MS-PBN /X73119, DDL-9000BR
DDL-900A, DDL-8700B-7
DDL-8700-7, DDL-8700, DDL-5600N-7, DDL-5600N
DDL-5550N-7, DDL-5550N, DLU-5494N-7/IT-100A,

#2. 2-needle, lockstitch machine

#3. Overlock /Safety stitch machines
MO6700DA-30P, MO-6700S

#4. Zigzag stitching machines
LZ-2290A-SR-7, LZ-2290A-SS-7
LZ-2280A, LZ-2284A-7, LZ-2284A, LZ-2287A

#5. Post bed sewing machines
DP-2100, LT-591

#6. Coverstitch machine
MF-7500-U11, MF-7500-U11/UT
MF-7500D-U11, MF-7500D-U11/UT, MF-7500-C11,

#7. Chain stitch machine
MH-481-5, MH-481, MH-484-5, MH-484, MH-486-5,

#8. Button sewing machine
LK-1903BBS, LK-1903BSS, LK-1903B/BR35
MB-1800A/BR10, MB-1800B, MB-1377, MB-1373

#9. Buttonholing machine
LBH-1790AB, LBH-1790AS

#10. Bartacking machine
LK-1900BB, LK-1900B, LK-1901B, LK-1902B
LK-1910, LK-1920, LK-1930

#11. Computer-controlled cycle machine
AMS-210EN-1306, AMS-210EN-1510, AMS-210EN-2210,
AMS-221EN-2516, AMS-221EN-3020

#12. Automatic machine
APW-895S, APW-895L, APW-896

#13. Bonding machine
LHP-PP1, LWU-3015