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The Manufacturing Challenges in Domestic Sportswear Manufacturing (Video)

In India, the activewear market is growing rapidly. Many apparel manufacturers have started their own brand on the activewear segment and penetrating into the main market. There are many home-grown sportswear brands those are performing well along side of the international sportswear apparel brands.

Tantu, the alumni association of two textile engineering colleges of West Bengal, India, recently organized a seminar on Performance Textiles: Athleisure and Active Sportswear. (I am also an active member of this alumni association and part of the seminar organization committee).

We had invited some of the well-known industry experts, established domestic sportswear brand owners and decision makers for the panel discussion on the above topic. It was an interesting panel discussion on sportswear business focussing on the major challenges of running an activewear brand and manufacturing business.

In this post, I have shared the video one of the panel discussions. The first panel discussion …

Business Development Tips for Apparel Manufacturers

I had several requests to discuss business development strategies for apparel manufacturers. Last few months I have helped to set up a supply chain for a new brand called TAYLRD NY. While visiting manufacturing plants, one of the first questions asked from me was how to find new orders. Below are some of the few proven strategies to land new orders.

1. Be flexible
Most manufacturing plants want big volume orders. While this certainly makes sense, don’t forget that the buyers who offer big orders are established big retailers and wholesalers. They know what they’re doing and often times they bargain for the lowest price. As a result, the standard minute rate you get is low.

It is very important to have the flexibility to accommodate short runs and quick runs. This means sometimes buyers want less than 1000 pieces done in quick lead times. For these orders, buyers are very generous and offer a premium price. Once you establish a name as a manufacturer who is flexible on running small o…

Textile Yarn Strength Testing Machine to Minimize Cost and Increase Product Quality

Learn about the textile yarn strength testing equipment and machines. This is a guest submission by Nancy. How do you judge the quality of the fabric of your clothes? The technology today has made it mandatory to examine the strength of the fibre before transferring it for further production. Testing of yarn is the need for every manufacturer in order to examine the breaking strength and elongation traits of the yarn. For the validation of every material before passing it for the sale, the breaking tenacity is tested.

What is Breaking Tenacity?
The breaking tenacity is the ratio of breaking force and linear density of yarn, which is used to determine the actual strength of the material. Earlier, it was hard to judge the tensile strength but with the advancement of technology and yarn strength tester, it becomes really easy to test the specimen of yarn and validate it.

During the test, it’s important that the yarn must be aligned with the machine axis, for which the yarn is clamped. …

3 EBooks on Performance Measuring Tools for the Apparel Manufacturing Industry

To enhance employee performance in various business processes you need two things - First, identify the key performance measures for the business processes and second, measure those by using right performance measuring tool. To enhance your knowledge on performance measurements and guides, today I will share 3 ebooks written by Mausmi Ambastha. These ebooks covered all the major performance measuring tools, calculation formula, and method of measuring the performance. You can download her eBooks for free. 

Mausmi Ambatha, the author at blog, has recently published following 3 eBooks on Performance Measuring Tools (PMT).
Performance measuring tools - MerchandisingPerformance measuring tools - Operations & Quality Performance measuring tools - Cutting & Production A brief description of each of these eBooks is provided in the following paragraphs. Click on the following download links to download the eBook.

1. PMT Merchandising: The first E-book covers the perfor…

Are You Planning to Change Product Lines? - Consider These Points

One of the biggest challenges to most apparel manufacturers is the finding orders with familiar handwriting. Many manufacturing plants who are performing well and achieving decent efficiency are the ones managed to secure similar product categories with similar standard minute value range (SMV). This inevitably helps the production floor as well as whole organization to running smoothly with minimum disruptions.

Here are the some of the most important advantages of specializing in one or few product lines.

Merchandising and sourcing
It will help to build a relationship with few mills who are specializing in the quality mostly used in the production. This will help to negotiate better prices and ensure high quality. Further, it will have fewer disruptions on deliveries as the mill and the manufacturing plant have a good understanding. Essentially this will help to save money and time

1. The biggest savings are made on the production floor. Firstly, by being able to maintain …

Few Innovative Research Projects by NIFT Students

This year I was invited to the Techno Summit event organized by the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi branch. In that summit, top research projects were presented by NIFT students from B.F.Tech and M.F. Tech.

I liked most of the projects students undergone in their last semester. Some of the presented projects were innovative and viable for implementing in the manufacturing facilities. I have listed here 5 project topics, those are innovative as well as interesting for working further on those areas.

Apparel production students who will be perusing graduation project in the coming years can work further on these areas. I will not share project details but list down the name of the project areas, as most of these projects are applying for the patent. In case you are interested, you can contact the NIFT centre for further information.

1. Developing automatic ply numbering device to mark garment panels You might know that as a precaution to avoid shade variation…

Difference Between Activewear and Athleisure

In the recent past, I had attended a seminar on activewear and athleisure. In that seminar, there was a gathering of international activewear buyers, sportswear manufacturers and domestic sportswear brand owners. Speakers were discussing various terms of sportswear products including activewear, sportswear, athleisure, yoga clothes, leisurewear etc.

In the seminar, one most common question among the participant was -
What are the difference activewear and athleisure?   Difference Between Activewear and Athleisure  According to the Oxford dictionary -

Activewear is casual, comfortable clothing suitable for sport or exercise and Athleisure clothes are casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear. Athleisure clothes are perfect for travelling and walking.

Activewear is synonyms of Sportswear. Typical sport-specific garments include shorts, tracksuits, T-shirts, tennis shirts and polo shirts (Wikipedia).

Indu Sharma, one of the speakers, explain…

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