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Nano Finishing in Textiles – an Introduction

Nanotechnology has been in use for decades and is one of the most promising technologies of the century. The research and development of nanotechnology have been used for creating developed materials, system and devices as well as diffusing new properties. The properties of bulk materials of substances are changed when converted into nanoparticles.

This is a guest contribution from Priyadarshinee Nath

What Kinds of Machines are Required for Starting Garment Business? (for Beginners)

It is good news that you are also interested in setting up your garment business, like many other entrepreneurs. I want to let you know that this is a common question everyone asks about machines and necessary equipment requirement for starting garment business. I have written reply to this question many times. One such question: "I want to start garment manufacturing in small scale. What all machines I need to purchase for my factory?"

Today I am writing an extensive post on this question. I am not just answering your question directly by giving a fix list of sewing machines but I will be discussing it with examples – things based on which machine types are planned for a new set-up.

Apparel E-commerce Business Formats and Concepts

Online apparel stores are grooming in India. In the online marketplace there are many big players as well as small sellers like individual designers. Now e-commerce business is not only selling ready-made garments online but the apparel business has taken many different forms to provide end-consumers a new experience. At the same time there are entrepreneurs who are exploring new things with internet and IT solutions. Many e-commerce businesses only focus on niche products to provide best designs and variety of designs in the specific niche as per customer’s test.

8 Resources to Learn about Garment Specification Sheet and Template

Whether you are representing a brand, or a buyer, or garment manufacturer, you need the garment spec to make right garment first time. The spec sheet is also known as techpack.
There are wide ranges of apparel products and each product has a different specification. Also in same product range different brands follow different spec based of their standard fit and model. Spec sheets are blueprint for constructing garment.

Fabric Structure for Plain Weave (with Pictures)

Did you come across with this term "plain weave"? If you are dealing with woven fabrics directly or indirectly you might heard this term.Yes this is a basic thing in fabric manufacturing. But if you have not attended any course on textiles (fabrics), this might be a new thing to you.

I have explained plain weave structure with images and diagram.

What is the Meaning of Fabric Construction and Weight

Question: I sent fabric samples to one of the dealers and they asked me to provide the fabric construction and weights for those samples. Could you please let me know, what they mean by fabric construction and weight? ... asked by an OCS reader. When you place an order for something, you provide item specifications to get the desired item from a supplier. The same applies to fabric sourcing. There is a wide range of fabrics in terms of fabric designs, fiber content, fabric thickness and fabric quality. But you want one specific fabric for your garments or clothing.

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