Fabric Structure for Plain Weave (with Pictures)

Did you come across with this term "plain weave"? If you are dealing with woven fabrics directly or indirectly you might heard this term.Yes this is a basic thing in fabric manufacturing. But if you have not attended any course on textiles (fabrics), this might be a new thing to you.

I have explained plain weave structure with images and diagram.

When I was learning textile technology, I have been taught various weave structures. Among them plain weave structure was the first weave that I learned. You know most of fabrics are made using this plain weave and this structure the strongest one compared to other fabric weave structures.

In plan weave weft yarns pass under the alternative warp and above the next warps. This weave is also known as one up and one down.

Read this post to learn more about warp and weft yarns.

An enlarged image of a towel made of using plain weave shown in the figure 1 and schematic diagram of the plain weave is shown in Figure 2.
Figure-1: Plain weave
Figure-2: Schematic diagram of plain weave 
While designing plain weave on a graph paper, warp up is shown by cross-marking the cell and cells without cross-mark represent warp down (or weft yarn top of the warps). See figure-3.
Figure-3: Plain weave design
Fabrics like poplin and voile are made using plain weave.

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