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Book Launch Party - the day in Pictures

It was a great day to me. Finally I made it - written and published my second book "Garment manufacturing: Processes, Practices and Technology"

I didn't have a formal platform to launch my book. So, to make this day memorable, I arranged a small party and called some of my friends who lives nearby. Thanks to all those attended the party. I am sharing some of the party moments.

Now book is available on and Flipkart stores. See more buying option here.

The Book 'Garment Manufacturing: Processes, Practices and Technology' has been Released

The book 'Garment Manufacturing: Processes, Practices and Technology' has been released today. Many have already booked their copies by pre-ordering. Thank you for pre-ordering.

If you missed to pre-order, buy your copy now from following online stores.

Last Chance to Get Discount on Purchasing the Book - Garment Manufacturing: Processes, Practices and Technology

I am sharing another book review that touches my heart. I don’t know if this book can make a difference to the readers’ profession or professional career. But after reading book reviews, I started believing it - readers will find value.

This review is written by Arnab Sen, Assistant Professor, Textile Design, National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Bhopal.

Reviews of the Book Garment Manufacturing: Processes, Practices and Technology

I could not judge it myself - how good or bad my new book is. So I asked for honest reviews and feedback on the book from some industry professionals.  I have received few reviews and other reviews yet to receive.  
These are some of reviews from the industry professionals and faculties.

Book Release Date (Garment Manufacturing: Processes, Practices, and Technology)

I am very much happy to announce that my book Garment Manufacturing: Processes, Practices, and Technologywill be released on 30th July.

I am grateful to you for your continuous support to achieve this.

Apparel E-Retailing in India – An Interview with an Online T-shirt Company

Apparel e-retailing is no more a new thing. Thousands of businesses are already running and there are many individuals who dream to launch their clothing brands and sell online. People ask me often: How to sell clothes online? This interview post will be a guide to most of those questions.

There are many big names in the Indian e-commerce industry. Many apparel brands are selling their products through e-commerce portals or having own online stores. Starting an independent online store is really a challenging job.

I had an interaction with Siddharth Jain, owner of; a Delhi based e-retailing company. sells T-shirt and other knitted products through online catalog. In the interview I tried to find information related to apparel e-retail business and custom T-shirt business in general.

Contents of My New Book (Garment Manufacturing: Processes, Practices and Technology)

I had committed to share the full contents of the book Garment Manufacturing: Processes, Practices and Technology.

Here it is.

Also read what others said about the book.

The First Step to Start Your Business in Garment Manufacturing

You might have a dream to start a business. And you might have chosen the garment manufacturing for your business.
So, how are you doing? Are you struggling how to go about it?

If you are completely new in the garment manufacturing field then you might be looking for something that can enrich your knowledge in this field.
Being a professional you would not like to jump into a business on which you are completely blank. The very first step of starting a business in any field is gaining knowledge on the field as much as possible. If it is garment manufacturing you need to learn as many things on garment manufacturing as possible.

The Project is Over, Waiting to Launch It

I was silently working on a project – was writing a book on garment manufacturing. Book writing part is over. Now I am waiting for the book launch day.

The name of my new book is Garment Manufacturing: Processes, Practices and Technology.
I have already shared about my upcoming book on facebook and created one Facebook fan page for the book where all updates will be shared time to time. (To receive update on book and free contents like the the book fan page.)
Initial copies, which will be given to industry experts and entrepreneurs for their reviews, are on print.

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