Book Launch Party - the day in Pictures

It was a great day to me. Finally I made it - written and published my second book "Garment manufacturing: Processes, Practices and Technology"

I didn't have a formal platform to launch my book. So, to make this day memorable, I arranged a small party and called some of my friends who lives nearby. Thanks to all those attended the party. I am sharing some of the party moments.

Now book is available on and Flipkart stores. See more buying option here.

Books on my study table and my white board

Sushil Bala, Me and Sudip Guin

(L-R) Soumen Gosh, Pulak Debnath, Sushil Bala, Jiaul, Prasanta Sarkar, Sudip Guin, Debraj, Subrata Kapri and Saumydip Santra

I am with my daughter Rimisha

A fun time for all
I am grateful to you for your support and making OCS a successful platform for learning.

If you have any question regarding the book you can write me at prasanta [at]

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