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Impact of Real Time Shop Floor Control System in Improving Garment Production

Low productivity and delays in production are common issues faced by the garment industry. Most of these problems can be solved or at least can be reduced if information related problems are available on time.

Factories employ data recorders and engineers to capture production data and make reports. Unfortunately, when data collection is done and data is compiled into report many things are changed. Sometimes it becomes too late to take further action for betterment. Many times lots of data are collected but nobody bothers to analyse those collected data and share with top management. No way to escape from the problems. In such a scenario, the industry needs a robust shop floor control system and adequate data. 

Real-time shop floor production tracking system can play a very important role in providing information and reports of various activities on a real-time basis. It also supplies accurate data. For example, if you like know in a line how many pieces are produced by each operat…

Operation Bulletin for Panties (Inner Elastic Panty)

Panties are innerwear products for Ladies. Panties are mostly made of fine knits fabrics. Panties are available in various design and fit.

This post covers the operation breakdown of a basic panty. With the operation list, estimated operation time (SAM) and sewing machines are listed for your reference.

Product components: This panty is made of 4 components - Front panel (1), Back panel (1) and crotch panels (2).

Trims: Waistband elastic, sewing thread, labels, and elastic for leg opening.

Sample Operation Bulletin of Panties (Inner Elastic)
S.No.OperationSAMMachine type1Attach crotch panel with front panel0.203 Thread Over lock2Attach crotch panel with back panel0.20Single Needle Lock Stitch3Attach side seam0.303 Thread Over lock4Measure and cut elastic0.40Manual5Join elastic ends0.20Single Needle Lock Stitch6Attach elastic at Waistband0.603 Thread Over lock7Waistband finish Flat lock0.692 Needle Flat Lock8Bottom hem with elastic tape0.802 Needle Flat LockTo…

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement (The Book)

In garment factories, many Engineers and Managers feel that they have done everything to improve processes and working methods. They don't find further things (new and innovative) to work on next.

You might be observed that improvement becomes stagnant after a few years of working in the same factory. If you are feeling so, take a deep breath and be ready to read something that would give you ideas. Yes, you need to read the book "The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement"

A few days ago Mr. Keerthi Abe, Managing Director of SewEasy, reminded me about this book and ask me to add this book in the book list

Overtime Work in Garment Industry – Does it Cost Effective for Factories?

I had posted this question in the OCS forum. OCS readers participated in this discussion and shared their views.
My question was

"When factories work overtime for 2 to 4 hours - Does it cost to company? Or factory gains benefit from working over time? To be more specific: Whether cost per piece (labor cost + overhead cost) will increase or reduce when a factory work overtime?
What do you think?"

I am sharing viewpoints of 4 experts who participated in this discussion. They have also mentioned alternatives other than doing Overtime. Read on. If you have a different view or agree with one of them, don’t hesitate to share yours with us.

Keerti Abe, CEO of SewEasy Pvt. Ltd.
"What I feel is company does overtime only when they know that the shipment will not be on time if they do not work extra hours.

So if company does not do overtime and saves labor cost and other costs associated then it will lose on the shipment date and due to the delay the consignment might get cancel…

Read Apparel and Fashion Magazines Online for Free

You might like to keep yourself updated. Would be interested in learning new things every day and be informed. Would like to know what is going on in the fashion industry as well as in the garment manufacturing business.

You can fulfil your wish by simply subscribing a couple of print magazines.
But sometimes many don't prefer spending money on this (subscribing Magazine - printed or e-magazine). 
Here are two magazines you can read online completely free.

CMAI Apparel by Clothing Manufacturers Association of India. You can find all the old issues and read online since December 2012.
Perfect Sourcing - You can read this magazine online and download this e-magazine. Remember, you can only read and download of the current issue using this link. So check this site every month and download the current issue for your future reading. 
If you love reading fashion news, market update and international fashion trends read following sites
Fashion United Just-Style.Com
Enjoy reading and learnin…

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