Operation Bulletin for Panties (Inner Elastic Panty)

Panties are innerwear products for Ladies. Panties are mostly made of fine knits fabrics. Panties are available in various design and fit.

This post covers the operation breakdown of a basic panty. With the operation list, estimated operation time (SAM) and sewing machines are listed for your reference.

Product components: This panty is made of 4 components - Front panel (1), Back panel (1) and crotch panels (2).

Trims: Waistband elastic, sewing thread, labels, and elastic for leg opening.

Pic: Inner elastic panty (image source: cilory.com)

Sample Operation Bulletin of Panties (Inner Elastic)

S.No. Operation SAM Machine type
1 Attach crotch panel with front panel 0.20 3 Thread Over lock
2 Attach crotch panel with back panel 0.20 Single Needle Lock Stitch
3 Attach side seam 0.30 3 Thread Over lock
4 Measure and cut elastic 0.40 Manual
5 Join elastic ends 0.20 Single Needle Lock Stitch
6 Attach elastic at Waistband 0.60 3 Thread Over lock
7 Waistband finish Flat lock 0.69 2 Needle Flat Lock
8 Bottom hem with elastic tape 0.80 2 Needle Flat Lock
Total SAM 3.39

Note: List of operations and machine type to be used may vary based on product design and its construction. Example: You can use Zig-Zag sewing machine for attaching elastic ends instead of Lock stitch machine. In some styles, bar tack stitch is used to secure stitch.  

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