Read Apparel and Fashion Magazines Online for Free

You might like to keep yourself updated. Would be interested in learning new things every day and be informed. Would like to know what is going on in the fashion industry as well as in the garment manufacturing business.

You can fulfil your wish by simply subscribing a couple of print magazines.
But sometimes many don't prefer spending money on this (subscribing Magazine - printed or e-magazine). 

Here are two magazines you can read online completely free.

Apparel Perfect sourcing

CMAI Apparel by Clothing Manufacturers Association of India. You can find all the old issues and read online since December 2012.

Perfect Sourcing - You can read this magazine online and download this e-magazine. Remember, you can only read and download of the current issue using this link. So check this site every month and download the current issue for your future reading. 

If you love reading fashion news, market update and international fashion trends read following sites

Enjoy reading and learning!

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