Production Process Flow for Woven Garment Manufacturing

If you are new to the garment manufacturing, you may find it difficult how garments are actually made in a factory? After receiving of fabrics, raw materials are passed through various processes before it is ready for shipment to the buyers. Some processes are necessary, where few processes are done based on customer demand and style requirement. A detailed process flow is also important for production planning and Time and action calendar making.

A single process flow does not fit for all orders. Like you may need printing or embroidery on the product or you may not. Buyer may ask for washing garments prior to finishing. Sometimes they may not.

In this article, I am showing you a process flow that is commonly used for woven products manufacturing. I prefer to show it in a flow chart instead of explaining the same with words.

In the below process flow chart, processes those are shown in the main flow are necessary processes like spreading, cutting, sewing, checking, pressing etc. Processes those are shown side column are done in case it is required.

Process flow chart garment production

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