Frequently Asked Questions on Garment Business Start-up

I know you have many questions that need to be answered. I have published this page - 'Frequently Asked Questions on garment business start-up' to answer questions those I receive frequently.

Setting up garment business

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1. I want to start a small business in the garment Industry. What would be a suitable business for me?
In the article '10 small business ideas in garment industry' I have listed business ideas. Read this article, if you have not yet read it. Similar businesses can be started in a bigger scale. Selecting the right business for you depends on various things. In what kind of business you feel comfortable. It is not possible to test every type of business before starting. Learn as much as possible to understand features of different types of business. Read books or articles to increase your knowledge base. If possible do SWOT analysis selecting most appropriate business for you.
If your are open to start any kind of business, see the need of the market. For example, if want to start business locally, research what products are not available in your locality. If there is no much clothing shop, you can open a shop. May be some kind of product in apparel category is not available, you can pick one to start with.

2. How much do I need to invest for 50 machine factory?
There is no ready answer for this question. The answer is it depends on many factors. The investment amount can be derived considering following factors. Just for your information, I have explained here cost factors for starting a 50 machine factory.To set up a factory you need to invest in sewing machines and other equipment, raw materials, manpower, factory building, factory running overheads etc. 

Types of sewing machine would vary for different products. So, you need to fix your product range. Be specific to this point. Once machine types are selected, price of machines depends of the machine quality and machine brand. Number of machines to be purchased in each machine types. When you prepare financial report for a 50 machine factory, there are many other cost factor, like raw material cost, staff's salary, worker wages, factory overheads and other expenses.
Investment on building (or rent), minimum wages of the workers vary location to location. Raw material cost vary based on material quality and consumption of material. Consumption of material again depends on product types and product styling.
Hope, you have understood that there are many factors to consider to estimate investment amount in a factory set-up. Only an experience person or field expert can help you to giving you approximate fund requirement for a project. More than this you need to be more precise on selecting above variable factors.
Don't worry, I can help you make a project report for you with approximate invest requirement for a garment project. This would be paid service. please let me know if you are interested for paid services.

3. What types of machines do I need to buy for the shirt factory?
For mass garment production, purchase industrial sewing machines for your shirt factory. Normally types of machines are selected based seam types to be used to make garments. For minimum investment, purchase single needle lock stitch machine, button attaching and button holing machines.
To improve stitch quality, getting consistency in quality and improving labor productivity, you can add Feed off the Arm (FOA), Multi needle chain stitch machine (Kansai Special), Single Needle lock stitch machine with edge cutter, and Double Needle lock stitch machine.
For details list of sewing machine for a shirt making factory read this article.

4. How many machines do I need to make 50 shirts (other product) per day?The number of machines required to produce 50 shirt in a factory would depend on the performance of your tailors (sewing operators), preparation time for stitching shirts. Generally, machine productivity figure is considered to derive number of machines to make certain number of garments (shirt) per day. Shirt productivity range for per machine per day is 6 to 12 pieces (8 hours day). So, if we consider productivity you will be needed 4 to 8 sewing machines.

Here daily production target is low and specialized machines would not be utilized for full day. So, the above calculation may not give you right number of machines.

5. I don't know anything about garment production techniques. Can I do business being a non-technical person?
Yes, you can. To start or doing garment business, it is not necessary that one needs to be a technical person. If you don't have know-hows of garment manufacturing, hire professionals who is rich with technical skills in specific areas. But yes if you know about the garment manufacturing process, various products, systems, raw materials etc. you can take your business in the next level faster. However, you will learn everything by doing after starting your business.

6. I want to start a garment business for so and so products. Can you guide me for making a business plan and setting up my business completely?
Yes, I can help you making your business plan, making project reports that would include the complete requirement for setting up you garment factory - machines, material, processes, manpower, systems, factory layout etc. Even financial report to estimate the budget for the project. My service would not include paperwork and legal matters required for business registration and other things.
For project implementation, I will connect you with garment consultants on a request basis. You can take services from them.

7. I need one Project Report for setting up my garment business. Where I will get the report?
I can help you in making your project report. I will charge professional fees for this work. Contact me for professional services.

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