Types of Machines Used in a Shirt Making Factory

Question: I want to know which types of machines are used in a shirt factory and what are their costs. ... asked by Tarun Gaur

Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine
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The shirt is one of the basic products of our clothing range. A shirt can be made by a single machine but to construct a branded shirt (Quality Shirt), shirt-making factories and export houses use different types of machines to sew different part of the garment (seams). Many factories use special machines also for the front placket and side seam and underarm sewing. The main purpose of using different types and special machines is to maintain a certain quality level of the product and to increase productivity.

Name of the different sewing and non-sewing machines and operations done with those machines are shown below respectively. Note: Use of machine types may vary based on the styling of seam types in a shirt used in the same operations.

Sewing Machines

  1. Single Needle Lock Stitch (Plain, with/ without UBT): Collar and Cuff making, Pocket hemming and pocket attach, Yoke attach, Shoulder attach, Sleeve placket make, Sleeve attach, bottom hem, Main label attach, top stitches etc. 

  2. Single Needle Lock Stitch (Edge cutter): Collar run stitch and Collar attach to collar band 

  3. Double Needle Lock Stitch: Collar and Cuff Top Stitch and Armhole Top Stitch  

  4. Multi Needle Chain Stitch (i.e. Kansai Optional): Front placket make and attach 

  5. Feed off the Arm (optional): Side seam and under arm 

  6. Button Stitching Machine: Attaching button to front placket and cuff 

  7. Button Holing Machine: Making buttonholes. 

Non-Sewing Machines

Factories also use non-sewing machines in making, such as
  1. Fusing machine for collar and cuff 

  2. Iron for folding and pressing front pocket and sleeve plackets. 

  3. Collar and cuff turning machine: For collar and cuff turn and iron 

Machine cost: 

Cost of the above machines depends on the machine brand and sourcing country. For the machine price, it would be better you contact with machine suppliers near your location. Contact details of the supplier can be easily found on Google search.

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