Is it compulsory to have a fashion degree for designing and selling t-shirt designs?

Question: Is it compulsory to have a fashion degree for designing and selling t-shirt designs?

No, it is not compulsory. 

You can come up with your creative ideas for t-shirt designs without studying in a fashion institute. And you can start a t-shirt business based on your design ideas. This can be achieved without a fashion degree in your profile.

But yes, there are many benefits of having a fashion degree and studying fashion manufacturing course from a good institute.

I have listed down few benefits of having fashion degree.    

#1. A degree in fashion design would help you in communicating your design concept in a better way.

#2. You will be part of a community (college or university) and get many real-life tips from your teachers that may help you in your design career. If you get in touch with a good teacher, you will even get guidance for your business career.

#3. As you will be studying for 3-4 years for your degree from a college, you get in touch with many seniors, batch mates, juniors. Most of your contacts in college will be part of the fashion industry after a few years. You keep in touch with them, there will chance of getting business from these contacts (directly or indirectly). And this works.

#4. Selling t-shirts – is a business. For doing business in the fashion and apparel industry – you must know various things related to the t-shirts (on any other products) to grow/scale your business with fewer mistakes. Basic knowledge related to the field could be learned in your course. It is true that you can learn from your mistake and learn it by doing.

#5. When you will be in college, you get exposure to the textile and garment industry. You can visit textile mills, processing houses, and garment factories as part of your course.  

#6. Also note designing a t-shirt and setting up a t-shirt factory are two different parts of the t-shirt business. If your core is designing t-shirts, for manufacturing t-shirts, you need to outsource it from t-shirt manufacturers (suppliers).

You can do it all together – designing, sourcing materials, manufacturing t-shirts, and selling the designs. But initially handling all these together would be a difficult task. 

For a simple question, I wrote a lot of stuff. I hope this would help those who are seeking answers to this kind of question. After reading all these benefits of doing a degree in your favorite field, you can decide whether to go to college or not. 

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