Tukatech Introduces First Open 3D Fashion System

 Tukatech 3D, CLO and Browzwear

Tukatech, a fashion tech company, has released the latest version of TUKA3D, the most used 3D system around the globe. The 2022 release offers an open system that allows designers, brands, retailers, and their factories to work efficiently within a virtual process.

“Each 3D system requires three elements: a 2D flat pattern, a 3D avatar, and the digital cloth. ALL THREE are not the same across all 3D systems, hence the vendors who develop the final product cannot use data coming from OTHER 3D systems used by designers,” says Ram Sareen, Founder and CEO of Tukatech. “We have the largest 3D user base where FIT is the main focus. Our avatars are built with either actual body scanning or 3D sculpting. In 2021, we allowed users of OTHER 3D systems to start with actual replica avatar from our extensive library of over 700 models. This gives exactly the same results regardless of who added value at each stage. The vendors can see the fit and start from THAT DATA to make the final garment.”

For instance, a designer can use CLOBrowzwear or any other 3D program, so long as they use the same avatar which is an exact replica of the real fit model, the 2D patterns will FIT and the LOOK can be created by designers and sent to the vendor. Since everyone is using the same avatar, the 2D pattern can be used to make the final fit sample.

In TUKA3D, the vendor can see the exact same 3D fit model’s body, animated to perform real-time motion simulation for fit verification. Since Tukatech offers end-to-end solutions for apparel production, after 3D fit approval, the style can then proceed through the manufacturing process.

“Other 3D systems get patterns from us. These are fit blocks on the model with zero difference. If the users of other 3D system make the one-time purchase of a TUKA avatar at $500, they will help all vendors to use the same files and make the final samples. Even if the designer is using Browzwear or CLO for new designs, the base pattern is still the one that fits the model. This allows us as vendors to use the brand’s design to make fit samples quickly.” Says Arshad Sattar, Group Managing Director of Timex & Fergasam Group. “Tukatech is the FIT specialist, we know. We have been using 3D since 2005, make 800 to 1,400 new products for over 120 brands and retailers every month and hardly make any FIT samples,” he added.

Complete the Request a 3D Model form to inquire about the availability and pricing of your desired fit model. If your fit model is not already in the 3D virtual fit models library, Tukatech will be happy to create a 3D replica using 3D body scan data captured by one of the hundreds of Styku body scanners located around the world.

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