Skills Required to be a Buying House QA

A buying house quality personnel can be named as Quality Controller (QC), Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Inspector or Quality Auditor. Each of them required to acquire few basic skills to meet their job requirement. In this article, I have listed down some core skills for a buying house QA.

  1. Garment inspection procedures (fabric, trims and finished garment) and process audit method (initial and mid of production and shipment).

  2. Skill to measure a garment correct way (measurement instruction may vary buyer to buyer so refer buyer's quality manual)

  3. Product knowledge especially those products that the buying house deal with (for example knits, woven or denim, sweaters, high fashion products)

  4. Technical know-how of garments construction, fabric properties, production processes.

  5. Understanding of buyer's technical sheet and comments. 

  6. Common sense on defining Minor, Major and Critical defects. Categorising defects based on garment zone. 

  7. Knowledge on how use AQL table and sampling method for shipment inspection.

  8. Must be skilled in filling inspection report formats, commenting on inspected goods for supplier representative and take decision to Pass/Fail the inspected goods.

  9. Know Supplier evaluation/audit method. Understanding of purpose of an audit and correctly filling audit format.

  10. Must be able to alert all responsible persons if something is going wrong related to quality of the product. Quick response and communication between factory team and buying house merchants. 

  11. Understanding the risk factor during passing a shipment.

  12. Buyer requirements widely varies product to product and shipment destination country. It will be good if QA has knowledge on country wise garment test requirement methods.
Most of the above skills can be learnt by doing. Each of the above skills can be acquired by practice and if one have will for learning.

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