Production Planning of Different Styles with Different Quantities

Question: How to do production planning of different styles with different quantities? For example, how to do lay-planning for sewing, no of operations, no. of machines and no of operators required for a style? ... asked by  Muruganantham.

OCS's Answer:

Production planning involves capacity planning of sewing processes and allocation of resources according to production demand in the specified time frame. You need to do planning for each styles due to product variation and variation of order quantity. Number of total operations, manpower and machine requirement vary based on the style. And if your order quantity increases you need to plan for extra manpower to finish the order in same time frame.  

Production planning of a style in various processes has been shown below.

Lay planning

Lay planning will depend on size ratio in order and the total number of colourways in a style. For example, When your order consists of 300 units in size ratio S:M:L::1:1:1 (100:100:100),

You can plan for a single lay of 100 layers of 3 size marker. If the size ratio is S:M:L::1:2:1 (75:150:75) then you have to plan for two lays. One for size Small and Large 75 layers in one lay. Second one for Medium size double marker with 75 layers.

No. of Operations

Numbers of operation of a style will depend on garment constructions. To know exactly how many operations are there analyse the garment. For example, a man's shirt contains about 40 operations. Read Operation Breakdown and SAM of the Full Sleeve Formal Men’s Shirt.

No. of Machines required

Number machines you need to plan for a style will depend on parameters such as daily production target, daily shift hours, Garment SMV and line efficiency. To know total machine requirement first calculate operation wise machine requirement. Read a detailed explanation of machine requirement calculation.

No. of sewing operators required

Total no. of sewing operators will be same as the number of sewing machines when you work on progressive bundle production system. But still, you need to plan and allocate operation wise skilled operators.

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