Apparel Entrepreneurs Resources

Knowledge is king. Resources are optional. In this page, I have shared useful links for the apparel entrepreneurs resources to enhance their technical know-how and connecting to the other businesses in the global apparel supply chain.

Clothing entrepreneurs resources

Entrepreneurs resources: Recommended Books

Following books are very useful to understand the apparel business, raw material, business insights and business process. You can read these books to enhance your knowledge and build confidence in running your business with continuous growth.
  • Clothing Technology: ... from fibre to fashion by Europa A must-read book for those who are new to the apparel industry. In this book, you will learn basic from fibre to fashion. This is a good book for fashion students who need an overview of various processes, technical terms etc.
  • Check My Books - I have published some books having eBook versions and the printed version. 

Software and Technology for Sewn Product Entrepreneurs

After setting up the manufacturing business, you will feel the need for the technology and software. In the age of IoT, Digitalization, cannot run your business smoothly without the aid of software technology. In the apparel industry, advancement is done in many areas. In the below, I have provided links to useful software that you might be required for your business.

Useful Lists of the service providers, Supplier, and Buyers

Important sites, Organisations

  • Apparel Export Promotion Council
  • National Productivity Council
  • ASTM D13 on Textiles
  • Textile/Clothing Technology Corporation [TC2]
  • Philip Crosby Associates
  • American Apparel and Footwear Association
  • Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), USA
  • Better Work

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