13 Automatic Spreading Solution Providers for Textile and RMG Industry (Cutting Room Automation)

The automatic spreading technique is not a new technology in the fashion manufacturing industry. I have seen automatic spreading first time in the year 2005 when I was doing a college internship in Texport Syndicate (a garment manufacturing company) in Bangalore.

By using an auto spreader, garment many manufacturers have reduced manpower in the cutting room from 6 persons to 1-2 persons per cutting table (spreading activity). At the same cutting room, capacity is increased many times. Additionally, the most important thing, cutting quality has been improved.

A lot of technological advancement happened in the spreading machine too at the IoT (Internet of Things) era. Spreading statistic is available with the auto-spreader.

Know more about automatic fabric spreading machines and watch a video on auto spreading.

In this post, I have shared a list of automatic spreading machine brands and spreading machine solution providers. This list would be helpful to those who are planning to install an auto spreader in their cutting section.

Some of these spreaders I have seen in the garment factories, some in garment machinery exhibitions, and others found through online research. I have provided the website link to each solution provider. You can explore more about the automatic spreading machines on their websites.

1. Lectra: Lectra is a well-known brand in India and worldwide for cutting room automation in the sewn product industry. Lectra spreading machine is very popular in India.

2. Gerber: When we talk about cutting room automation, Gerber comes after Lectra. Gerber and Lectra spreaders are found in most of the garment factories in India. Know more about Gerber spreader.

3. Eastman: Eastman company is synonym of the straight knife cutting machine. They have recently introduced cutting room automation including Eastman automatic spreading machine.

4. Bullmar: Bullmar automatic fabric spreading machine

5. Richpeace: Richpeace Spreading Machine is a Hong Kong-based company

6. Morgan Tecnica: Morgan Tecnica spreading machines are equipped with most advanced electronics and software developed ad hoc to allow the best possible control, even by remote. The PC touch on board offers the possibility to control and manage productivity even by remote.

7. FK GroupFabric spreading machine by FK Group

8. TukaSpreader: TUKAspreader machines are designed for all types of woven and knitted fabric.

9. IMA Fabric spreaders: IMA SpA is an Italian capital company founded in 1977 in Turin. A few years after its establishment, it joined the Macpi Group and transfers its production site in Palazzolo, in the province of Brescia, home of the other companies of the Group.

10. Ozbilim: Ozbilim is a Turkish company. Recently I visited Turkey. I have seen Ozbilim spreading machines in a garment factory.

11. YIN (Automatic Spreader) // Yin USA, Inc. provides integrated automation solutions for advanced textile manufacturing industries by including Automatic Spreading Machines.

12. Cosmotex: Cosmotex is a Spanish company specialized in manufacturing and marketing textile finishing and cutting room machinery.

13. Oshima automatic spreading machines: Oushi Group (Bao Yu Machinery Co., Ltd.) was established in 1971, for the well-known domestic and international outstanding clothing, textile machinery and equipment manufacturers, the current set up operations in Taiwan, mainland China, Thailand, Vietnam, the Acting Distribution throughout the world. Over the past 40 years, the Group has always been "quality of survival, quality and development, service and reputation" to meet customers return customers.

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I have shared a few images of automatic spreading machines. Images are taken from the spreading machine supplier’s company websites.

Prasanta Sarkar

Prasanta Sarkar is a textile engineer and a postgraduate in fashion technology from NIFT, New Delhi, India. He has authored 6 books in the field of garment manufacturing technology, garment business setup, and industrial engineering. He loves writing how-to guide articles in the fashion industry niche. He has been working in the apparel manufacturing industry since 2006. He has visited garment factories in many countries and implemented process improvement projects in numerous garment units in different continents including Asia, Europe, and South Africa. He is the founder and editor of the Online Clothing Study Blog.

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