Shirt Making - A Good Resource for Learners and Shirt Makers

Today, I discovered one good e-Magazine on shirt "System of Shirt - A research on  Men's white dress shirt". This e-magazine can be read for free on Issuu.

Why I love this e-Magazine? 

The magazine covered all details of making a dress shirt. It covers various designs of shirt components - like collars, front placket, pocket, cuff, different fits of a shirt. Common fabric weave and fabric types used for shirt making.

I am sharing this e-Magazine just make you more knowledgeable.

See the content of this book in below image.

This magazine is a good guide for those who are planning to start a shirt manufacturing business. Keep reading and keep learning.

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(Disclaimer: The said e-magazine is published on a third party website, Availability of this e-magazine depends on the publisher)

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