Traditional Dresses of Rajasthan

Written by Sayan Kundu

Diversity is the main keyword to know about Indian culture. We find people wearing different types of outfits in different parts of India. They wear different types of clothes as they celebrate different types of festivals in different seasons.

When people adapt their lives to the geographical areas, then diversity comes. As we know, Rajasthan is a state that is resent at the west side of Indian Territory and the first thing that hits our mind after hearing the name of Rajasthan is sand and desert land. The people who live there have a connection with that and this is very fancy in look.

Tradtional dresses of Rajasthan

In this article, you will find different types of traditional outfits and dresses worn by men and women in Rajasthan.

Traditional Clothes for Men. 

1. Angrakha 

An Angrakha was a traditional court outfit in ancient and classical India that a person could wrap comfortably around himself, offering flexible ease with the knots and ties. In the modern age, Angrakha is considered an ethnic top that has an asymmetric opening, knotted or secured by either thread ties or loops. Angrakha is considered the predecessor of the Bandhgala. 

Fabrics used in making Angrakha are made of plain weave or jacquard. The trousers that are also worn with them match the color of the coat.

2. Bandhgala

Bandhgala emerged as the shortened version of the Achkan. It is a very popular dress in Rajasthan and is also the semi-formal dress in that state.

The dress material can be silk or any other material. The dress is full of embroidery. 

3. Achkan

A longer tunic-style outfit worn by men, often paired with churidar pants or dhoti.

4. Dhoti and Pyjamas

Dhoti and pyjamas are not only the traditional cloth of Rajasthan but also the most ancient dress of Rajasthan. It is normally white in color and made of 100% cotton. It is used to cover the lower portion of the body. It is also right that it is not easy to wear a dhoti, it needs some practice. Sometimes, these are prepared by embroidery.

5. Pagri (Turban)

We all know about Pagri, and how it relates to the people of Rajasthan and Punjab. It is the trademark of the people of Rajasthan. It is known as their tradition honor and pride of them. It comes in different colors. The cloth is twisted and wrapped and tied on the head. The pagri cloth is designed in different colors or may also be designed in a single color. Multi-colored pagri are generally used by wealthy men.

Traditional Clothes for Women

Among traditional clothes ghagras, choli, and odhni are the most known women's dresses. 

1. Ghagras

Ghagras are a well-known dress of Rajasthan. When we hear this name, the state or the place that comes to our mind is Rajasthan. It consists of two parts. One is a blouse that remains in the upper part of the body and another part is known as a flaunting skirt.

The upper parts of this body are designed by using colored or printed fabrics. Embroidery works are commonly seen in the upper part of a ghagras. The bottom part is generally made of different geometry. Mirror works, glasswork, and embroidery works are done in the bottom part. They all make the dress fancy and well-decorated.

2. Choli or Kanchli

The blouses or short kurtis are worn with the Rajasthani dress Ghagra known as cholis or kancholis. These traditional women's dresses of Rajasthan are available in cotton or silk material. All these dress items are normally embellished with beadwork, glasswork, or embroidery.

3. Odhni (Dupatta)

A long scarf or shawl draped over the head or shoulders.. Odhni is worn over the blouse, with one end tucked into the skirt and the other end on the head or on the shoulders. It is made of 2.5 meters to 3 meters long and 1.5-2 meters in wide clothes. Odhnis are printed in different colors and designs. It is a must-wear for women in Rajasthan. It becomes a token of respect shown to the elders.

4. Bandhej/Bandhani Saree

Sarees with tie-and-dye patterns, known as bandhej or bandhani, are popular in Rajasthan. These sarees are vibrant and often worn during festivals and weddings.

5. Lehenga

Similar to the ghagra choli, the lehenga is a long, flared skirt, often worn with a short blouse and a dupatta.


The uniqueness and vibrancy of Rajasthan comes from its own clothing culture. They dress like they celebrate every day, which makes their cultural differences.

Though I have categorized Angrakha as a men's dress it is usually worn by both, men and women of all ages with a different pair as a bottom.

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