An Innovative Idea - Showing Fabric Patterns to Customer as a Stitched Shirt

I found one interesting video for fabric display which would be useful for retail stores.

In this video, a shop keeper is showing fabric designs (patterns) using a display template. A custmer can understand and visualize how the finsihed shirt will look after wearing it . Such displays may help in deciding the fabric color and pattern from a range of fabrics.

According to the source, this video is from a store named Lojas Se7e in Goiania (Brazil).

The fabric retail shops in our country can use similar display templates in their stores. This benefits cutomers to reduce decision making time. Also an unique way to motivate customers to show the final look of the shirt. I would say this devide is must have for stores who provide customized tailoring servces. 

Fabric Display template

Here is the video found on X platform.

Source of the video: 

This video is posted on the social media plantforms like X, and LinkedIn. 

If you have come accorss such interesting and innovative videos, please share with us. 

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