Where To Buy Knit Fabrics in New Delhi?

Buy Knit fabrics in New Delhi

This article is contributed by Pazit from Shawlovers.com.

New Delhi is a kingdom of fabrics with endless varieties to choose from. However, when it comes to knit fabrics, mmm...where are they?!

From my experience, it’s really hard to find great (or any) knitted fabrics in New Delhi, and I had to go through a lot to find good knits in the city.

Whether you're looking for fleece, knit viscose, or knit cotton, read on, because this guide will help you discover Delhi’s hidden knit gems.

Here are the best places to buy knit fabrics in New Delhi:

1. Gali 5 in Shanti Mohalla

This market is a fabric paradise located in East Delhi. In my opinion, it’s by far the best place in the city to buy fabrics (woven and knitted). Whether you’re looking for wholesale quantities or a few meters to make a dress or shawl, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for there at the best price.

The quality ranges from basic to high-end, and the variety is endless. The area is bustling, so it's best to visit during weekdays to avoid crowds.

For knit fabrics, look for Gali 5 (Street no. 5). It’s a small street focused only on knit fabrics. Unlike the rest of the market, which mostly sells woven materials, here you can find fleece, lycra, knit bamboo, knit cotton (I even found organic knit cotton once!), synthetics of many kinds, and some wool (but always do the burn test to ensure it’s real).

It's a beautiful place to go if you're happy to get the real Indian fabric market experience.

How to get there

The nearest metro station to Shanti Mohalla is the Seelampur Metro Station on the Red Line. It's very close to the market area, though you’ll have to walk through most of the market to reach Gali 5. It’s actually only a few hundred meters, but when the market is crowded with people and carts packed with fabrics, it might take you some time to cross it.

2. Mahavir Gali in Gandhi Nagar

This is another awesome hidden gem to consider for knit fabrics. It's close to Shanti Mohalla (but you’ll need a cycling rickshaw).

If you’re looking for fleece fabrics, Mahavir Gali is probably your best bet in New Delhi. You can find many types of cotton and synthetic fleece fabrics in all colors and GSMs. I recommend you check out Brite Hosiery and Pahwa Fur Fabric. Both have a huge collection of fleece and faux fur fabrics. Both are wholesale sellers, but if you ask nicely, they might let you get away with just a few meters (:

Beyond fleece and faux fur, other shops in the area also sell scuba fabrics, knit cotton of many types, synthetic fabrics (of course), French Terry, Lycra, Viscose, and plenty more.

How to get there

Take a rickshaw to Gandhi Nagar and search for the entrance to Mahavir Gali. From there, you’ll have to continue on foot, the street begins with many denim shops. Keep walking for a few minutes until the view starts changing into knitted fabrics. It’s a pretty narrow street, so sometimes, when carts are transporting large amounts of fabrics through it, you might feel like you’re in a traffic jam on foot. But usually, it’s completely fine, and you’ll cross it quickly without any problem.

3. Nehru Place

The knit variety here is a bit limited, and the prices are significantly higher. So, this is my least favorite option for knit fabrics in New Delhi. But…Nehru Place certainly has its benefits.

First, It’s the easiest to access of all the options I mentioned, and second, if you’re into retail quantities, the shops here are perfect for you, and you don’t have to “persuade” them to sell only a meter or two.

I recommend you check out H.P. Singh and Knit Fab Shri Balaji Hosiery.

H.P. Singh has 4 floors filled with all types of fabrics, the lower one has a knit section (but just keep in mind, it’s pricy). Knit Fabric is really close to H.P. Singh, and the whole shop is focused on knit fabrics (to my knowledge, that’s the only shop in Nehru Place that is dedicated to knit fabrics).

Beyond these two, there are also a few shops in the market that sell beautiful knit lace fabrics (if you’re after that bridal chic).

How to get there

Nehru place has its own metro station on the Violet Line, so it’s really easy to get there.
The Bottom Line

Finding good knit fabrics in New Delhi can be a challenge, but it's not impossible. Whether you're a wholesaler or just need a few meters, these spots should cover your needs. Happy fabric hunting!

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