Which Fibre is Known as the Golden Fibre?

Question: Which fibre is known as the golden fibre?

Answer: The jute fibre is known as golden fibre.

The jute skins that are extracted from the retted jute plants are shiny yellowish or shiny brown in colour, that is why this fibre is called as golden fibre. 

Some important properties of jute 
  • Jute is soft, flexible bast fibre. 
  • Jute fibres are long, lustrous, resilient, and softer to touch.
  • Jute is natural, plant base and biodegradable fibre.
Jute fibre is used in making different types of jute products.
Raw Jute fibre

Other short questions (Frequently asked questions) related to Jute. 

Question-1: Where is jute fibre obtained from?

Answer: Jute fibre is obtained from jute plants.

The fully grown jute plants are cut and submerged in a pond (in stagnant water) for the retting process. After retting, jute bark/skin is extracted by hand (jute skin is separated from the stem), the long and flexible jute fibres are dried under the sunlight after extraction and then dried jute is ready for use/manufacturing different jute products.

Question-2: In which seasons jute crop is cultivated?

Answer: Jute crop is cultivated in summer from March to July. 

Question-3: Which states in India produce jute?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Odisha, and West Bengal. Check state-wise yearly production of raw jute here. West Bengal is known as the top producer of raw jute. 

Question-4: Which Indian state has the highest number of Jute Mills and Why?

Answer: West Bengal has the highest number of jute mills. West Bengal has abundant primary raw material (jute) required for a jute mill. You can check the list of jute mills on this website (office of the jute commissioner)

Question-5: Write the name of Jute Producing Countries in the world?

The leading world's jute-producing countries are India, Bangladesh, China, and Thailand. India is the world's largest producer of raw jute and jute goods. 

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