Difference Between Spade Poly and Hammer Poly Thread

Spun polyester sewing threads are common for tailoring use. These two thread brands are very popular in India for tailoring sewing threads and craft work. Differences between Spade poly and hammer poly are discussed here.

The main difference is these two polyester threads are manufactured by two different companies.

Spade poly is a brand of Coats and Hammer poly is a brand by Vardhman AE.

Spade poly sewing threads are manufactured by Coats. Hammer poly thread is manufactured by Vardhman AE. Both labels are made of 2-ply 100% polyester spun yarn.

According to Coats, Spade Poly is 2 ply sewing thread available in more than 450 shades and best suited for various applications like lady's garments, shirts, etc.

Technical specifications:

  • The thread tube/spool package size - 300 Metre/ 180 Metre of thread.
  • Composition of thread - Staple Spun Polyester
  • Pack Size - 25 tubes/ 20 Tubes/ 100 Tubes

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