List of Jute Products

Jute made products

Jute is a plant-based bast fibre. Jute products are preferred for a couple of reasons. Jute is a natural and environment-friendly fibre. Products of jute are made in industrial production facilities and cottage industry. There are many jute products made by villagers for domestic uses. 

In this post, you will learn a few common product names that are made from jute fibre. Most of the jute products are made from jute fabrics. So, first jute fabrics are woven in various qualities depending on end-use, and from those fabrics, different products are made. Someone who likes to start a small-scale business making jute products can refer to this list. 

Lists of jute products

1. Burlap and Hessian cloth – The burlap or Hessian fabrics are made of jute yarns which is used for packaging need. Burlap or hessian means a rough and thick fabric (compared to dressmaking fabrics) made of coarser jute yarns. These fabrics are tightly woven with plain or twill weave. Hessian fabrics are available in various qualities for different packaging needs. Burlap fabrics are stronger and used for covering materials. The bags made of hessian cloth are known as hessian bags. Burlap fabric is also used in making various crafts.
Hessian cloth made of jute
Fig-1: Hessian cloth

2. Sacking bags – Heavy and loosely woven jute fabrics are known as sacking clothes. Sacking bags are commonly used for storing or as a container for various commodities.

3. Handbags and shopping bags – Jute bags are a trendy item for domestic use. These days fashionable handbags are jute fabrics - shopping bags, office bags, tiffin carrying bags.
Fig-2: Jute bags

4. Jute yarns – To make any fabric from jute fibre, first, jute fibres are converted into jute yarns. Jute yarns are also sold as products to manufacture other items. Jute yarns are used in carpet making.

5. Ropes (Yarns) – Jute ropes are the alternative to nylon or synthetic ropes.

6. Decorative fabrics – Home decor items and crafts are made from jute yarns and jute fabrics. These fabrics are used in making cushion covers, curtains, bed sheets and many more for home furnishing.

7. Canvas fabric – Jute canvas are tightly woven fabrics. Used of packaging of heavy materials.

8. Floor covering – Jute products used for floor covering like rugs, carpet

9. Handmade mats – Hand-woven jute mats are common items in villages eastern part of India.

About Jute

Jute-made products (for some products) are cheaper compared to other textile materials. The length of the jute fibres is longer than cotton. The yarn made from jute is coarser than cotton yarns. The season for Jute cultivation is March to July. You can learn more about jute and jute-based products on these websites.

View images of jute plants.

Jute plants

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