Difference Between 150 Denier and 300 Denier Filament Yarn?

Question: What is the difference between 150 Denier and 300 Denier filament yarn? 

Denier is a unit for measuring the linear mass density of filament yarns (man-made fibre). Polyester and Nylon yarn quality (fineness) is measured by the unit of Denier (D). 

It falls under the direct yarn count system.  Denier is defined as the mass in grams for every 9000 m of yarn. 

Tex= Denier/9

150 Denier filament yarn is equivalent to 16 Tex and 300 Denier filament yarn is equivalent to 33 Tex.


Comparative analysis of 150D and 300D filaments

The difference between a 150 denier and 300 denier filament yarn with respect to count, thickness, weight, and strength of fabric made from it are:-


150 Denier filament yarn is a finer count yarn whereas 300 Denier filament yarn is a coarser count yarn.


150 Denier filament yarn is thinner compared to 300 denier filament yarn. 300 Denier filament yarn has nearly double the thickness of 150 denier filament yarn.


150 Denier filament yarn is lighter than 300 Denier filament yarn. It means fabric made of 300D yarns will be heavier than 150D filament.  

Strength of fabric:

The fabric made from 150 Denier filament yarn has less strength compared to that made from 300 Denier filament yarn. 

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