How to Increase Thickness of Knit Fabrics

Question: How can I make my t-shirt fabric thicker?

thickness of knit fabric

This article is written to answer the above question. I have interpreted the question in two ways
  • Knitting the knit fabrics thicker (increasing GSM) 
  • Improving t-shirt weight by increasing fabric thickness
To make the fabric thicker for your t-shirt, you need to choose a fabric of higher GSM compared to the current fabric GSM that you are using now.

For example, the knitted fabric of 220 GSM is thicker than the 180 GSM. In knitting, you can increase fabric GSM by using the higher count of yarns and/or by increasing the knitting machine gauge. When you make the same t-shirt using higher GSM (200 gsm) fabric, the weight of the t-shirt will be higher than the 180 GSM-made t-shirts.

If you like to increase the thickness of the knitted fabrics (fabric is already made) of your t-shirts, that can be achieved by doing some kinds of wet processing (dyeing, washing). Take the guidance of your processor to improve fabric thickness.

According to Rajiv Vasudev posted on Quora, you can increase fabric GSM by using the following ways.
  • Application of hygroscopic softeners which can help in moisture regain
  • Finishing the knit fabrics with a maximum relaxed state.

In case you want to make the knitted fabric thicker, then it can be done by using one of the following ways
  1. Use thicker yarns for knitting your t-shirt jersey
  2. Increase the fabric gauge to make dense fabric which in turn increases the fabric weight (GSM)
  3. Reducing loop length
  4. Use 1/1 rib fabric for your t-shirt instead of single jersey fabric

You can make the t-shirt bulkier without increasing the GSM. That can be done through garment washing.